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Short, Sweet and inexpensive wedding ceremonies for cost conscious lovers.

So, you both wanted just a small, intimate, simple wedding for a few guests and suddenly it took off with a life of its own, ballooning into an out of control monster that was nothing like what you wanted?

When you shared your joy of wedding plans with others, they:
  • Told you they would be at your wedding without waiting for an invitation
  • Started telling you how you should do things, turning it into the wedding they never had and into the one you didn't want
  • Added just a few friends and family members to the guest list until it was no longer small, intimate and simple
  • Didn't ask you if there was a maximum number of guests where you were getting married and if you had already reached that max, thereby exceeding your budget, or if an additional price per guest would be charged
  • Decided for you where and what kind of reception, party, picnic, lunch or dinner you would have after the wedding
Has any of that happened to you and your plans yet? If not, you are either exceedingly lucky to have wonderfully understanding family and friends, OR you haven't told them yet that you're getting married.

In any case, All About Love Weddings solves that problem by providing a choice of the simplest and least expensive outdoor gazebo wedding on a hill overlooking the Victorian part of town for only $50 to the Bed and Breakfast either inside their cozy Victorian drawing room or outside in their round tree house gazebo under the shade trees overlooking a small wooded ravine for just $129. This package requires a two night minimum stay at an additional fee based on availability of room, suite or cottage.

After many requests for small and simple weddings outdoors, we have developed Nature Weddings based on the unbelievably beautiful natural settings in Eureka Springs.

The simplest and least expensive is only $50 and includes the minister's fee at these locations: dark green rectangular gazebo up on a hill overlooking the Victorian part of town, one of the natural springs in town with a small garden representing many flowers and plants that normally grow in the area, and out at Beaver Lake near the edge of water with a horseshoe of trees growing down to the shoreline for a picture perfect backdrop.

We will be glad to take photos with your camera. There are no other options with the $50 package.

The gazebo on a hill is only a 4 minute drive up the hill from the courthouse downtown, yet with no other buildings up there, it looks like you're out in the woods.

The prettiest spring is away from the busy downtown shopping with a colorful garden. It is a short half block off the main street, has parking and a roofed over 2 picnic table area where you can bring your own cake, picnic or whatever for a very small reception after the wedding.

Beaver Lake is just gorgeous with clear blue water and has great parking for lots of guests, a large roofed pavilion with half a dozen picnic tables, cabanas with fire pits for barbeques, a small fenced in playground, fishing, roped off swimming area, volley ball net, public restroom and no other buildings in sight; just the natural beauty of the lake, dam and the White River.

All About Love Weddings
Jann Ortiz